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Coordinator of the German University of Aachen

  1. Coordinator of the German University of Aachen

On November 28th, Mr. Fujiwara, who is coordinating our school and the University of Aachen in Germany, visited the school. Mr. Fujiwara is the Director of International Education at Kennedy Catholic High School in Seattle, Washington, USA, and is a coordinator who bridges Asia, the United States, and Europe. This time, he will visit Seattle →Germany→ Taiwan→Japan and will return to Seattle in three days.

On the day of the event, we first had a meeting with three students who studied at the University of Aachen in Germany, and actively exchanged opinions on future improvement points. Following this, we held a discussion with the faculty and staff of our school about future international exchange.

Mr. Fujiwara complimented us that the students of Toyota National College of Technology are very talented and that Aachen College of Technology is very welcoming. In addition, they said that they are very welcoming and that they would like you to actively consider studying abroad.

About Aachen University of Technic University (FH Aachen, Freshman Program) is a one-year (actually about 10 months) course for international students (especially from Asia), and is the only national university in Germany where classes (mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.) can be taken in English or German.