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Influenza Infection Response (Cure Report)

  1. Influenza Infection Response (Cure Report)

Influenza Infection Response (Cure Report)

Prevention involves

  • Wash your hands, gargle, get enough sleep every day, don’t get tired, and get nourished.
  • If you think you have taken it, please go to the hospital for a medical examination.

If you get infected

  • If you have influenza, you will be suspended from school until 5 days have passed since the onset of the disease, excluding the date of onset, and 2 days have passed since the fever is relieved.
  • In the dormitory, you will be asked to return home promptly to prevent infection.

When you heal and go to school

  • Be sure to confirm the date of onset with a doctor at the time of examination, fill out the prescribed influenza cure report, attach the “receipt of the medical institution” and the “description of the prescribed medication (with the name of the examinee and the date of prescription)” (copies are acceptable) and submit it to the infirmary. After healing is confirmed by the infirmary, students will be allowed to attend school and return to the dormitory, so please submit a special absence request to the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division. During the suspension of attendance, students will be treated as special absences.
  • Dormitory students are not allowed to return to the dormitory on holidays to prevent infection. After the infirmary confirms the cure, students will be allowed to go to school and return to the dormitory.
  • Please print out the form from the following file or give it to the Academic Affairs Section or the Infirmary.

Influenza Cure Report

Influenza Cure Report (Example)

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