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≪Change ≫Reiwa registration for the first semester of the second academic year for regular course students

  1. ≪Change ≫Reiwa registration for the first semester of the second academic year for regular course students

To All Regular Course Students

All students have been registered for the previous semester.
Currently, the faculty member in charge of the course is confirming the course registration.
In addition, due to the extension of remote classes, the evaluation percentage listed in the syllabus has changed for some subjects.
Therefore, changes to course registration will be accepted as follows, so please answer from the form.

・Students who have been notified that there is an error in course registration
(Example: You are attending a class but are not registered, or you are registered but you are not attending a class, etc.)
・Students who wish to change their course registration due to a change in the evaluation ratio

Students on leave of absence do not need to answer.
(Course registration for students on leave of absence who return to school in the middle of the previous semester will take over the course registration for the previous semester.) )


Flow of course registration change

  1. Please fill in the subjects you want to add or delete according to the form.
    You can change up to five subjects on this form. For 6 subjects or more, please contact the following inquiries.
  2. After submitting the form, the Academic Affairs Section will change the course registration.
    As soon as the change is completed, we will notify you of the changed course registration details to Office365 email, so please check it.


Response Form

Reiwa 2nd Year First Semester Course Change Form

Log in to Office 365 and answer.
Each person may answer only once.

If you need to change the content of your response, please contact us using the contact information below.


Response Deadline

Friday, July 17, Reiwa 2



If you have any questions about course registration, please contact the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division.

Toyota National College of Technology
Academic Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division
Email: Kyoumu★toyota-ct.ac.jp

★ to @ and send an email.

Please send from your Office365 email address (@toyota.kosen-ac.jp) to verify your identity.
The subject of the email should be “Course registration”.