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《For 1st ~ 3rd grade》High School Scholarship Benefit (for households exempt from inhabitant tax)

  1. 《For 1st ~ 3rd grade》High School Scholarship Benefit (for households exempt from inhabitant tax)

Households exempt from resident tax living in Aichi Prefecture in the 1st ~ 3rd grades of this course are eligible.

The title benefit is a different system from the “High School Enrollment Support Fund” to support tuition fees, and in order to reduce the economic burden other than high school tuition, Aichi Prefecture provides a certain amount of benefits that do not need to be repaid if the following requirements are met. If you wish to receive the scholarship, please contact the Student Support Section of the Student Affairs Division by e-mail (applications by phone are not accepted). )。

Application deadline: Wednesday, July 8
* Application documents will be sent to the student’s Office365 email address on Friday, July 10.
If you do not receive the email by July 10, please contact the Student Support Section.
* If you wish to send the application form on paper, please contact us separately.

1 Eligibility Requirements
Parents, etc. of students who meet all of the following (1)~(5) on July 1, Reiwa 2 (hereinafter referred to as the “Record Date”)
(In principle, it shall be paid to the person who has parental authority over the student and, if there is no parental authority, who mainly maintains his or her livelihood.)
(1) Enrollment in high school, etc. after April 1, 26, school attendance support money (new system) and relearning support fund
Be eligible to receive
(2) The guardian must have an address in Aichi Prefecture.
(3) The student’s household falls under any of the following (1) and (2):
(1) On the record date, the household to which the student belongs is receiving “livelihood assistance” out of the welfare allowance.
(2) Except in the case of (1), all of the guardians, etc. (if there are two or more guardians, etc.) on the record date.
The municipal inhabitant tax income rate and prefectural inhabitant tax income rate for the application year are exempt from tax.
(4) If the student or guardian or guardian is required to pay for a tour trip or special upbringing expenses under the Child Welfare Act (admission to a children’s home, etc.)
or those who are in the care of foster parents)
(5) Scholarship benefits provided by students or guardians by other prefectures, or benefits prohibited by other prefectures
Not receiving

 Reference: Aichi Prefectural High School Scholarship Subsidy

Student Support Section, Student Affairs Division
Tel :0565-36-5913
mail:gakusei☆toyota-ct.ac.jp (convert “☆” to “@” and send an email)