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Held!! TEDxToyotaKOSEN (2nd)

  1. Held!! TEDxToyotaKOSEN (2nd)

On Sunday, March 12, 2023, the 2nd TEDxToyotaKOSEN was held! This time, six groups of seven speakers took the stage to share their ideas on how to connect with society and how to achieve the SDGs based on their own experiences.

The event consisted of a TEDx Talk on the second floor of the Creative Workshop Building, an exchange meeting on the theme of SDGs, and a special exhibition at the Department of Information Engineering Building. The event kicked off in September, and about 80 students prepared for the event as executive committee members. The students held workshops voluntarily to deepen their understanding of their interest in the SDGs and conduct preliminary interviews with the speakers, pursuing not only fun but also fun in the sense of fun. The rehearsal the day before and the time spent with the speakers on the day were exciting, and TEDx expanded the circle of exchange.
I believe that the students acquired not only English proficiency, but also a wide range of abilities such as sharing various ideas, fostering a global mindset, and developing the emotions that can be obtained by creating academic events.

In addition, this event received the cooperation of many people, including faculty and staff, and educational support associations. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude.

TEDxToyotaKOSEN will be held again next year. We hope that many of you will be able to plan, prepare, and implement Toyota KOSEN events together to send out to the world, and expand the circle of making friends who can experience them firsthand.
A video of TEDx Talk will be posted on YouTube at a later date.

〇 Speakers (in order of presentation)

Your name



Kohei Yamaguchi &
Leticia Conte Zulian

College students, the winning pair of the 1st Video Contest

Sexual Education that blends into life
(New Sex Education)

Rui Costa

Portuguese Navy

Unmanned system to remove marine litter
(Unmanned marine debris removal system)

Sakura Ikedo

Toyota National College of Technology Technology Department

Using notes in communication
(Usefulness of memos in communication)

Yuko Mochizuki

Representative of INSHUTI

How we can move for Africa except donation?
(Contribution to poverty in Africa other than donations)

Miyu Matsuzaki

Miss SAKE 2021 Miss SAKE

One Sip of SAKE Leads to Sustainability
(Sake brewery and town development)

Poramet Charoynoot

Department of Basic Education (OBEC) of Thailand

Entrepreneurial mindset
(Entrepreneurial spirit)

Reference website⇒ TEDxToyotaKOSEN