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Precautions if you miss mid-term or regular examinations due to illness

  1. Precautions if you miss mid-term or regular examinations due to illness

If you miss mid-term or regular exams due to illness,
please follow the instructions of your doctor at school.

【Consultation and documents to be submitted in case of absence】
1.「 Receipt of medical examination (on the day of absence)” + “Application for re-examination”
If the → treatment period is 1 day
2.「 Medical certificate from a doctor (* It is not necessary to state the period)” + “Application for re-examination”
→ when the period of medical treatment is 2 days or more
・It is not necessary to submit a “Notification of Exemption from Attendance” during the examination period.

(1~2 excerpts from Reiwa 5th Student Handbook P29 Entrance Examination Tips)

1. A person who was unable to take the regular examination or midterm examination due to illness, accident, or other unavoidable reasons, and who submitted an application for a make-up examination to the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division after the reason was resolved by the designated date, may take the make-up examination. However, in the case of illness, a medical certificate from a doctor (however, if the absence is only one day, a receipt from the hospital on the day of absence is acceptable) or an alternative statement of reasons, in the case of an accident, a statement of reasons proving it must be submitted together with the application for follow-up examination.

Note: Once you receive a question at the time of the exam, you will not be able to submit a make-up application for that subject. Please pay attention to your physical condition, and if you are not feeling well, consult with your doctor (or our nurse) before deciding whether or not to take the exam.

2. A person who has not submitted an application for a follow-up examination by the designated date may not take the examination.