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Two students won the Excellent Presentation Award!

  1. Two students won the Excellent Presentation Award!

At the “Symposium on Advanced Technology” held at Toyohashi University of Technology on March 7, 2019, Mr. Ryogo Saito, a 5th year student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at our school (at that time), and Haruya Ishizaki Haruya Ishizaki (at that time) of the Department of Environmental and Urban Engineeringwon the Excellent Presentation Award.
This symposium is positioned as a progress report meeting by technical college students of the joint research (technical college collaborative education and research project) being promoted in collaboration between technical colleges and Toyohashi University of Technology.

Ms. Saito received this award because of her excellent oral presentations and poster sessions on the content of “Vibration damping characteristics of particle and liquid filling structures” and Ms. Ishizaki on “Construction of an international “human resources” development education model that practices PBL for technical colleges, technical colleges, governments, and regional collaborations.

There were 50 presentations, and 7 presentations were awarded the Excellent Presentation Award, of which 2 were awarded by our students.

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