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Selected for the National High School Reading Experience Contest!

  1. Selected for the National High School Reading Experience Contest!

At the 38th National High School Student Reading Experience Contest, Yuzuki Ueda, a second-year student in the Department of Architecture, was selected as one of five winning works from Aichi Prefecture.

Title: “Choice and Path”
Experience book: Yuri Naruse, ed., “Making Architecture a Job While Raising Children” (Gakugei Publishing)

Ms. Ueda’s experience was that as a woman, she became aware of her anxiety about making architecture a career in the future, faced these problems sincerely, and obtained her own answers through reading books.

In this reading experience contest, no more than five works from each school are selected by the school’s internal selection. These will be further selected by each prefecture, and five winning works will be selected.
One of the works will be sent nationwide as an award for excellence, and eight works will be selected from among them.
This year’s contest was contested by 438 schools in 47 prefectures nationwide, and the total number of entries was 96,805.

Every summer, we solicit works from first- and second-year students, and we conduct an internal selection process to submit them to the competition.
It is a valuable opportunity to face oneself and nurture a rich humanity through reading.