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Participated in the National English Pre-Con of Technology College!

  1. Participated in the National English Pre-Con of Technology College!

The 12th National College of Technology English Presentation Contest was held on January 26 (Sat) and 27 (Sun) at the Nishi Ward Civic Center in Kobe City.
From our school, three members of the team division who made it through the preliminary round participated.
With impressive presentations that dramatized the beginning, each of them was able to make the most of their individuality and elicit laughter from the audience many times.
Unfortunately, I missed out on the prize in the contest, but my English ability and originality were by no means inferior.
Below are the contestants’ comments.


  • Ryogo Saito (5th year, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

“Thanks to the cooperation of many teachers, we were able to perform on the national stage, and although the results did not turn out the way we wanted, we are proud that these three of us have achieved one thing.”

  • Noritoshi Okada (5th year, Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering)

“I couldn’t win the prize, but I was able to make a creative presentation as a team, and I have high hopes for next year for Mr. Nakagawa and other juniors.”

  • Ryota Nakagawa (3rd year, Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering)

“Unfortunately, I didn’t win the award, but it was an invaluable experience for me, and I will do my best to win next year.”


Presenting in English is by no means easy, but you can enjoy expressing your thoughts.
I hope you will take on the challenge again next year.