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Department of Mechanical Engineering

  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering
Learn about mechanisms, materials, processing methods, and the forces acting on materials
Education that makes you feel the importance of "manufacturing"

Outline of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

 We live surrounded by many high-tech products. And now no product can exist without the support of advanced technology. Mechanical engineering supports these advanced technologies in areas ranging from design and production to management and operation. Based on these current achievements, engineers are tasked with eliminating the waste of limited resources and promoting efficiency when looking to the future with a view to the global environment.

 From this perspective, the educational goal of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to cultivate the basic academic skills required by future engineers. Specifically, we are devising ways to systematically learn mechanical engineering from low-tech to high-tech by placing the fields of materials and mechanics that pursue functionality and safety, thermal and fluid dynamics fields that pursue efficient use of energy, machine tools and processing fields that aim at the origin of manufacturing, measurement and control fields that pursue high precision, and computer technology, which has developed significantly, as a pillar of education. In addition, we devote a lot of time to design and drafting, experiments, and practical training, etc., and provide education that allows students to feel the importance of “manufacturing,” which is the origin of engineering. Graduation research is the culmination of such knowledge, and it is also a place to cultivate awareness, creativity, and sense as a member of the mechanical technology of the future. The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to nurture engineers with free ideas and sensibilities.

It suits people like this

  • People who like to make various things
  • People who are interested in how machines work
  • People who want to make cars and aircraft
  • People who want to make robots
  • People who like to experiment

What you’ll learn

1st grade Information Literacy, Manufacturing Processes I, Fundamental Practice, Engineering Basics Practice
2nd grade Engineering Materials I, Manufacturing Processes II, Mechanics for Engineers I, Fundamental Drawing, Computer Technology Engineering I, Mechatronics Practice
3rd grade Applied Physics, Strength of Materials I, Engineering Materials II, Computer Technology Engineering II, Kinetics of Machinery, Mechanics for Engineers II, Machine Design, Machine Design and Drawing , Electrical and Electronic Circuit, Creative Integrated Practice,PhysicsⅢ
4th grade Statistics, Analysis, Strength of Materials II, Computer Technology Engineering III, Thermodynamics I, Hydrodynamics I, Mechanical Vibration, Machine Design and Drawing II, Electromagnetism, Off-Campus Training, Experiments in Mechanical Engineering
5th grade Manufacturing Processes III, Strength of Materials III, Thermodynamics II, Hydrodynamics II, Plastic Working, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Applied Machine Design and Drawing, Control Engineering, Computer Technology, Mechatronics, Graduation Study

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