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Scholarships and High School Scholarships

  1. Scholarships and High School Scholarships
Scholarship system, high school scholarship system


Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship

Lending type

This is a system in which the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) selects and lends loans to students who are excellent academically and personally, who are in good health, and who have difficulty in studying due to economic reasons.

  • Type 1 Scholarship Loans per Month (Interest-free)
    Please check the JASSO website for the loan amount.
    Japan Student Services Organization
  • Type II scholarship loan per month (interest-bearing)
    For 4th and 5th year students and major students, you can choose from 20,000 yen ~ 120,000 yen (in units of 10,000 yen) per month.

We usually recruit in early April. We will inform you of the application period etc. on the bulletin board, so if you wish, please follow the contents of the post.

New Study Support System (Benefit-type Scholarships)

In FY Reiwa 2, a new scholarship system was launched that greatly expanded the scope of eligible students and the amount of scholarships.
This scholarship system is open to those who meet the conditions of economic situation and academic ability (grades, motivation to learn, etc.).

In addition to the scholarship, tuition fees will also be reduced.
1 Eligible persons (applicable to all)
(1) Students in the fourth year or above of a technical college (including majors)
* Excluding students who repeat a year after advancing to the 4th grade
(2) Students who are motivated to learn
(3) Students from households exempt from inhabitant tax and households equivalent to that

2 Amount of support
The amount varies according to the three-level basis according to household income.

3 Combination with other scholarships and support systems
(1) Scholarship provided by Japan Student Services Organization
Both Type 1 scholarship (interest-free) and Type 2 scholarship (interest-bearing) can be used together, but in the case of a Type 1 scholarship,
Depending on the category of scholarship, the amount of loan may be limited.

(2) Other scholarships and support systems
Some systems restrict the use of combinations, so please check each.
The application period and other matters will be indicated by posting each time.

* Details of the system: Special page of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s new study support system https://www.mext.go.jp/kyufu/index.htm
*Confirmation of eligibility: JASSO Scholarship Simulator https://shogakukin-simulator.jasso.go.jp/


Other Scholarships

In addition, there are scholarship programs for local governments and private organizations. Those notified to the Student Support Section will be notified on campus bulletin boards and on this website.

Sumitomo Electric Group Social Contribution Fund

・Traffic Orphan Scholarship Association

Global Fund for Education Support

Fusou Scholarship Association

Okazaki City Board of Education

ICOM Electronic and Communication Engineering Promotion Foundation

High School Scholarship System

This is a system to support educational expenses other than tuition fees for households that are exempt from municipal inhabitant tax income. No repayment is required.

In order to receive the scholarship, the guardian must complete the procedures in the prefecture where he or she lives. The details of the system differ in each prefecture. For specific requirements for the benefit amount, application procedures, etc., please contact your prefecture.