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Startup Business 3rd Evening Seminar

  1. Startup Business 3rd Evening Seminar

In order to support students’ independent activities for startups, we held the 3rd Evening Seminar at our multipurpose hall on Tuesday, July 11, Reiwa 5.
This event was supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Startup Education Environment Improvement Project, and is positioned as a part of our school’s startup education program that started this fiscal year. Participants were from all grades and departments of our school, students and international students, as well as faculty and staff and cooperating companies.
On the day of the event, Mr. Tatsuya Hattori of the Sales Planning Department of Aichi Bank gave a lecture. In the lecture titled “Financing for Startups,” he talked about the basic knowledge of company structure and accounting necessary for starting a business, and the importance and method of raising funds in startups. Student participants asked many questions about financial operations.
We plan to continue holding events to support the activities of technical college students toward startups.

【Introduction by Principal Yamada】

【Mr. Hattori giving a lecture】

【Students asking questions】