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Procedure for applying for a new scholarship for a new study support system in higher education (4th year and above)

  1. Procedure for applying for a new scholarship for a new study support system in higher education (4th year and above)

If you wish to apply for the new study support system (scholarship + tuition reduction) in the 5th academic year of Reiwa higher education, please check the application procedure and complete the procedure.

Target students: Households exempt from inhabitant tax and households equivalent to those in the 4th~5th grades of the main course and the 1st~2nd year of the major course

《Application Procedure》
1. Confirmation of the outline of the new system
We support the desire to learn New study support system for higher education: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (mext.go.jp) and
Please read the Scholarship Guide booklet carefully to get an overview of the new system.

2. Review the requirements
Please enter your income for 2021 (January ~ December 2021) into the “Higher Education Fund Simulator” and check if your financial situation meets the requirements.
* The “Academic Fund Simulator” is only a guide and may differ from the actual results.

3. Submit the application documents to the Student Support Section Deadline: Friday, April 21, Reiwa
Please print out the following documents 1~6, fill them out, and submit them to the Student Support Office by the deadline.
If you are absent for a long time, please send it by mail by simple registered mail, letter pack, or other means that can be traced. * If you do not have a printing environment, please contact the Student Support Section by Friday, April 14.
1 Scholarship Confirmation Letter (printed on both sides)
2 2023 Scholarnet Input Draft Form (Draft Completed) 
3 Mount for submission of transfer destination account 
4 Application for Reduction of Tuition (Form A 1) (printed on both sides) There is an example of filling out on pages 3 and 4.
5 Study plan (printed on both sides)
6 Pre-Application Checklist

4. Enter Scholarship Net and submit My Number Deadline: Friday, April 28, Reiwa
If there are no deficiencies in the application documents, additional application documents (Scholarship Net user ID, password and My Number submission form) will be distributed.
Please complete the input from the Internet with the issued user ID and password.
Please fill in the application receipt number displayed when the entry is completed on the My Number submission form and send it to the Japan Student Services Organization by registered mail within one week of registration.

=Contact Information=
Student Support Section, Student Affairs Division
★ to @ and send an email.