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TEDxToyotaKOSEN was held! (Feb 26, 2022)

  1. TEDxToyotaKOSEN was held! (Feb 26, 2022)

On Saturday, February 26, we held TEDxToyotaKOSEN, which was held for the first time as a technical college organization. We obtained a TEDx license last September and have been preparing for six months, mainly for students, to provide an opportunity to share ideas related to the SDGs. It was threatened to hold the meeting face-to-face until the end, but with the cooperation of various people, it was implemented. Thank you very much.

The day was calm and sunny, and the principal and eight other speakers gave a performance that was a little different from the rehearsal. A total of 43 people participated in the event, both from the general public and our students, and after watching the presentations, we discussed the SDGs with the speakers at the participant exchange meeting.

TEDx requires a license and has various rules. This made it difficult, but the event itself was originally simple, with speakers taking the stage and presenting their ideas. However, the student staff was not satisfied with it, so they created a venue with a wonderful atmosphere, set up a planning booth to learn about the SDGs, created a pre-interview and introductory video to learn about the personality of the speaker, created a unique website, pamphlets and posters of their own design, and held an exchange meeting that actively involved participants. They configured TEDx to surpass our original plan. The students seemed very happy to see the results of their efforts, such as working somewhere and holding meetings every day.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the eight speakers who took the stage this time. Thank you very much.

TEDx’s speech will be uploaded to Youtube at a later date. I hope you will take a look.

TEDxToyotaKOSEN Speakers

【Speaker List and Overview】
identity affiliation theme summary
Tomohiko Tagawa Principal of Toyota National College of Technology From Process Intensification to Life Intensification Live in totality. Fill your pockets. Message to young people.
Nur Adeline Binti Abubakar Nagaoka University of Technology Fresh Sushi at the Desert Pursuit of sustainable water purification
Komei Ishikawa CFO / Impact Officer, Life is Tech Inc. How Life at Toyota Kosen Helps You in the Real World and Change Your Life What I gained from manufacturing at a technical college
Yutaro Fujimoto Chuo University, Faculty of Economics, Department of International Economics, 1st year Unusual Space Education Living and learning in the town you want to live in
Shintaro Uchiyama Toyohashi University of Technology What Makes You A Leader? What is a leader?
Yuzuki Hayashida 1st year student at Toyoaki Municipal Sakae Junior High School A Trip to Enjoy Gifts without Gorgeous Wrappings A new way to give gifts
Nicholas Lim Honda Department of Information Engineering, 5th year How to Acquire Another Language Suggestions on how to learn languages
Gerald Fidora Department of Environmental and Urban Engineering, 5th year Using Greed to Save Mother Nature Be “greedy” and protect the earth!