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(1st ~ 3rd grade) Application documents for the Reiwa 5th Public High School Scholarship (Aichi Prefecture)

  1. (1st ~ 3rd grade) Application documents for the Reiwa 5th Public High School Scholarship (Aichi Prefecture)

The title benefit is intended to reduce the economic burden other than tuition fees for high school, etc.
This is a system in which Aichi Prefecture provides a certain amount of benefits that do not require repayment if the following requirements are met.
(This system is separate from the “High School Enrollment Support Fund.”) )

If you wish to receive the scholarship, see “To those who wish to apply for the High School Scholarship Benefit (Aichi Prefectural Board of Education)
Please see and submit as follows.


1 Eligibility Requirements
In principle, the following households will be used. Please check the above document for details.
・ Households on public assistance
・ Taxation certificate, etc. (municipal inhabitant tax and prefectural inhabitant tax income for the Reiwa 5th fiscal year (Reiwa 4th year income) of all guardians, etc.)
Discount is tax-free (0 yen)

In addition, sudden changes in household finances due to reasons that cannot be attributed to oneself, including new coronavirus infections.
Families who have become may also be able to receive benefits.
We can respond to sudden changes in household finances after July Reiwa 5, but depending on the number of months from the month following the month in which the sudden change in household finances occurred,
It will be the calculated amount.

Requirements for applying for sudden changes in new corona household finances
(1) Eligibility to receive school attendance support funds
(2) The guardian must live in Aichi Prefecture.
(3) The income standard for all guardians, etc. in the year of application is the prefectural inhabitant tax income rate and the municipal inhabitant tax income rate are equivalent to tax exemption.
Be an acceptable household

2 How to apply
(1) Obtain a certificate of income (tax certificate) and confirm that it meets the requirements.
(2) Those who meet the requirements (or are expected to meet the requirements) must apply to the Student Support Section during the following period.
Please. Distribute the application form.
(Since each application form is different, we will give you an application form and examples according to your situation.)
  Distribution period: July 3 (Mon) 8:30 ~ July 14 (Fri) 17:00
* If you are on leave and cannot apply during the above period, please contact us in advance at the following contact information.
(3) Together with the materials distributed in (2) and various documents (income certificates, etc.), the student himself / herself shall
Please submit it to the Student Support Section.
 Submission deadline: Monday, July 24, 4:45 p.m.
(4) Payment of benefits: Around the end of September (planned)
Note: Employees with sudden changes in household finances will be accepted each time after the deadline.

3 If the student’s or guardian’s address (address on the resident card) is outside Aichi Prefecture
You will not have to go through the school, but you will have to apply for it yourself. Please check the following URL.
○ Contact information for each prefecture

※ You may be asked for a certificate of enrollment. In that case, submit an “Application for Issuance of Certificate” to the Student Affairs Division,
Please follow the procedure. (Please apply well in advance of the deadline.) )

4 Other
This is a separate system from the “High School Enrollment Support Fund”.
When making inquiries, please tell the person in charge that “Prefecture (or Aichi Prefecture) Public High School Scholarship Benefit”.

Student Support Section TEL:0565-36-5913
E-mail: gakusei☆toyota-ct.ac.jp (convert “☆” to “@” and send an email)