Urgent newsResponse to new coronavirus infections (including our school’s response after May 8)



【Important】Outbreak of new coronavirus infection among students (January 14, Reiwa 3)

  1. 【Important】Outbreak of new coronavirus infection among students (January 14, Reiwa 3)

One student at our school was found to be infected with the new coronavirus infection.

Since January 9, the student had only come to school for about one hour yesterday (January 13), and the range of activities was limited.
We have been able to identify the areas that may have been contacted, so we are disinfecting them.
In addition, as a result of the investigation of close contacts by the public health center, no people related to our school were designated. For this reason, the school will not be temporarily closed.
We have decided to continue face-to-face classes.

In consideration of infected students and to protect personal information, names will not be disclosed. Please refrain from making inquiries.

We will continue to cooperate with related organizations and take measures to prevent the spread of infection, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.