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(Updated 8/7)8/31~9/4 make-up class timetable

  1. (Updated 8/7)8/31~9/4 make-up class timetable

20200831-0904We would like to inform you about the make-up class timetable.

(20200803 correction) 9/2 5I system engineering was added to the first panel.

20200805 Fixed 3M, 3E, 3C, 3A, 4E, 5A classrooms.

(20200805 correction) The start times of 8/31 1M Basic Training, 9/1 2M Mechatronics Training, and 9/2 1M Basic Engineering Seminar have been modified.

(20200807 correction) 9/1 4C social system plan was added to the third panel.