Urgent newsResponse to new coronavirus infections (including our school’s response after May 8)



Implementation of Remote Classes

  1. Implementation of Remote Classes

This will be done on the following schedule.


5/7 (Thu) 14:30~ 1st grade Academic Affairs Guidance, 2nd-5th grade HR・AG
Educational guidance will be given by the Toyota National College of Technology 1st Grade 2020 team in[023] Teams.
HR and AG will be conducted by each class team in Teams (e.g. 023 Toyota-2M team).

5/8 (Fri) 10:30~ 1st grade HR
After HR, students should check their course team.
If you wish to take courses from other grades and other departments, please join the team for each subject. (Your academic advisor will provide you with the participation code.) )
Participation in each subject team must be completed by May 8.

5/11 (Mon) ~ Remote classes start (9:00~ 90 minutes class)
The timetable is based on the one announced on April 3, but it is subject to change due to adjustments.
The timetable is posted here.
If the timetable changes, the following week’s timetable will be posted every Friday evening.

5/7 (Thu) ~ Remote classes start (9:00~ 90 minutes class)

About using Teams

Remote classes use Microsoft’s Teams.
For more information on using Teams, please click here.
・Information on how to participate in educational guidance and HR in Teams, how to take remote classes, and PC specs.

About class hours for remote classes

Regarding the class time for remote classes from 5/11 (Monday), classes will be 90 minutes for both the main course and the major course as follows.

1st panel 9:00~10:30
Break 10:30~10:40
2nd panel 10:40~12:10
Lunch Break 12:10~13:00
3rd session 13:00~14:30
Break 14:30~14:40
4th panel 14:40~16:10



Remote Q&A

・ About Office365 Teams, about receiving remote classes,
PC specifications, Internet environment
Information Contact-O365★toyota.kosen-ac.jp

・Course registration
Academic Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division Kyoumu★toyota-ct.ac.jp

★ to @ and send an email.