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Startup business Reiwa 6th 2nd evening seminar held

  1. Startup business Reiwa 6th 2nd evening seminar held

The 2nd Evening Seminar was held on Monday, June 24 at the Multipurpose Hall. Titled “Guidance on how to connect manufacturing ideas to business plans,” the first session was followed by the business basics and intermediate levels, and the second session was conducted on business practice. As before, Japan Finance Corporation gave a lecture on the elements of a business plan, such as products and services, customers, necessary management resources, and profit plans. In the group work, we had a discussion to come up with specific ideas about products, services, and customers. Each group presented ideas for products and services that will lead to the SDGs, which are promising for the future. In the future, each group will work as a team to create a concrete business plan.

We had a lecture by Mr. ISOWA Hiromi

We formed a small group and thought about each product and service

The products and services of each group were announced.