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Startup business Reiwa 6th 1st evening seminar held

  1. Startup business Reiwa 6th 1st evening seminar held

The evening seminar is positioned as a place to acquire awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary for entrepreneurship and startups, and we plan to plan and hold it again this year as we did last year.
The first meeting was held on Tuesday, June 11 at the Multipurpose Hall. Titled “Guidance on how to connect manufacturing ideas to business plans,” Japan Finance Corporation gave a lecture on the creation of business plans for the implementation of manufacturing ideas in the real world. Japan Finance Corporation is a company that hosts the Business Plan Grand Prix for technical colleges (1st ~ 3rd year students) and high school students nationwide, and is committed to developing entrepreneurship human resources in Japan with the support of government ministries.
Not only our students, but also faculty members and cooperating companies participated. Participants received an explanation of the basics of business and how to come up with business ideas, and experienced how to actually come up with ideas through work. This is a series of articles from Part 2, and the next time we plan to learn the key points of creating a business plan in a practical format.

We received lectures from Mr. Hiromi Isowa and Mr. Ryo Matsunaga

We formed a small group and tried to come up with a business idea in a way that was explained

I presented my business idea