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Ceremony for the completion of the Meizhi Dormitory was held.

  1. Ceremony for the completion of the Meizhi Dormitory was held.

In order to develop practical and creative engineers with an international perspective, the Meishi Dormitory, a mixed-use student dormitory with the aim of improving communication skills, was completed, and a completion ceremony was held on May 31.
As guests, Mr. Ota, Mayor of Toyota, Mr. Shinkawa, President of the Educational Support Association, Mr. Suzuki, Deputy Caretaker Representative of the Dormitory Student Parents Subcommittee, Mr. Yamada, President of the Alumni Association, Mr. Ezaki, Director of the National Institute of Technology, and Mr. Arino, Director of the Facilities Planning Division, participated in the event.
First, Principal Yamada gave a greeting, followed by congratulatory speeches from Mayor Toyoda and the president of the Educational Support Association. Following the presentation of a congratulatory telegram from House of Representatives member Tetsuya Yagi and an acknowledgment from Director Ezaki, Dormitory President Yu Fujishiro gave a greeting on behalf of the dormitory students’ association. A ribbon cutting and commemorative photo were taken at the Meishi dormitory, followed by a private viewing. Next, we held a roundtable discussion with the board members and other members to exchange opinions on how to spend time in the dormitory and their requests.

[Ribbon cutting by Principal Yamada and guests]
[Group photo in front of Meishi Dormitory]
[State of the preview]