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About the entrance ceremony for the 6th year of Reiwa

  1. About the entrance ceremony for the 6th year of Reiwa

We would like to inform you about the entrance ceremony for the 6th year of Reiwa.
Tuesday, April 2, 6th year of Reiwa
New students are required to come to the school by 10:45 a.m. and register at the entrance of Gymnasium 1.
The layout diagram of the ceremony hall is as follows.

Click here for the layout map of the ceremony hall

Expression Next Opening Ceremony
〇Country Song Anthem
〇 Admission allowed
〇 Principal’s Ceremony
〇 Guest of honor congratulatory address
〇 Student Oath
〇 Congratulatory dew
〇 Guest Shaosuke
〇School Song Anthem
〇 Closing Ceremony Address

Date & Time: Tuesday, April 2, Reiwa 6, 11:00~11:45 (tentative)
Place: Toyota National College of Technology, Gymnasium 1
Participants: New students, parents, faculty and staff

【Request to parents】
(1) If there are any changes to the content of the ceremony or the number of attendees, we will inform you on our website, etc., so please check our website frequently.
(2) When taking a photo with the school nameplate at the main gate, it is very dangerous to take a picture that protrudes into the road and may cause inconvenience to passing vehicles. Please be careful not to protrude from the photo.
(3) The number of parking lots is limited, so when you come to the school by private car, please use one car per family in principle.