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Active in the National College of Technology Kyudo Tournament!

  1. Active in the National College of Technology Kyudo Tournament!

On August 28 and 29 of the first year of Reiwa, the 6th National College of Technology Kyudo Tournament was held at the Budokan Kyudo Hall in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture. The Toyota National College of Technology Kyudo Club won the women’s team division for the first time in two years and placed third in the men’s team division. In the women’s individual division, Yuko Katsumata, a fourth-year student in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering, finished third in the ranking match with 12 shots and 8.
The men’s team qualified in second place with 31 shots in 60. In the first round of the final tournament, they lost to the champion Nagano National College of Technology, but in the following third-place match, everyone hit the last shot in a row to win. The women’s team qualified in a tie for first place out of 36 shots and 22. In the final tournament, it was a championship match against Kumamoto National College of Technology Yatsushiro Campus, which was also ranked 1st, and although it was a close match that went into two overtimes, they won by a narrow margin. It was evaluated not only for the number of shots but also for the posture and movement, and we received the “Shooting Excellence Award”, which is a very honorable award, along with the championship cup.
I would appreciate it if you could give a round of applause to the students who achieved the best results.