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Won the student robot app contest “AWS Robot Delivery Challenge”!

  1. Won the student robot app contest “AWS Robot Delivery Challenge”!

Tomoki Harima, Tsuneboshi Goto, and Junya Miyamae, 2nd year students in the Department of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (M system), won the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Robot Delivery Challenge Customization Category.

The top 10 teams from a total of 57 high schools, technical colleges, universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools nationwide participated in the main round of the AWS Robot Delivery Challenge, an inter-student robot app contest.

In this contest, you will run the prescribed robot prepared by AWS with your own application.
In the qualifying round, they competed to see how quickly they could reach the specified goal, and in the final round, two teams ran a course set up in a miniature city at the same time and competed to see how many packages could be delivered to the delivery destinations scattered throughout the course.
The three participated in the study of ROS (Robot Operating System) used in special research.

AWS Robot Delivery Challenge webpage