Urgent newsResponse to new coronavirus infections (including our school’s response after May 8)



Emergency Student Support Benefit Program (“Emergency Student Support Benefit” for “Continuation of Learning”) (Secondary Recruitment)

  1. Emergency Student Support Benefit Program (“Emergency Student Support Benefit” for “Continuation of Learning”) (Secondary Recruitment)

We will conduct a secondary call for “Emergency Benefits for Continuing Students’ Studies”.
Due to the economic impact of the new coronavirus infection, it is difficult to continue studying at university, etc.
In order for students to not give up on their studies, the Japan Student Services Organization provides support by providing cash.
Students who wish to apply should check the eligibility requirements and complete the following procedures.

〇 Requirements for eligible persons
Those who are enrolled in the 4th grade or higher of a technical college (including majors) and meet all of the following (1)~(5)
(1) In principle, living outside the home (*1)
(Students who are financially independent from home are also eligible.)
(2) Not receiving a large amount of remittances from the family (*2)
(3) Additional support from the family cannot be expected due to a decrease in the income of the family (one of the parents).
(Part-time job income has been affected by the new coronavirus infection)
(4) The impact on part-time job income (*3) is one of the following situations:
1) Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the situation continues to be that the expected part-time job income cannot be obtained.
2) Compared to before the Corona disaster, part-time job income has decreased significantly (decreased by more than 50%) (*4), and the situation is
Things that have not improved this fiscal year
3) Even if part-time job income has increased or reached a certain level, due to reasons such as the deterioration of the economic situation of the family,
Forced to increase part-time income, making it difficult to continue studying.
(Cooperate with existing support systems to ensure “continuation of learning” from a long-term perspective.)
(5) One of the following conditions must be satisfied for the existing system:
1) Those who have applied for the new system or plan to use it in the future and who have used it up to the maximum amount of the Type 1 Scholarship (interest-free scholarship)
2) Those who are not eligible for the new system and have used up to the maximum amount of Type 1 scholarships (interest-free scholarships)
3) You cannot use the new system or Type 1 scholarship (interest-free scholarship) because you do not meet the requirements, but you cannot use the university’s own scholarship or
Those who are using or planning to use support systems that can be applied for, including those in the private sector, etc., and study incentives for international students, etc.

*1 Living outside the home refers to a situation in which a student, etc. is living away from the person who maintains their livelihood and pays rent.
*2 For those who live outside their homes, receiving a large amount of remittances from their families means that the amount of remittances from their families is 1.5 million yen or more per year.
(Not including admission fees including tuition fees) is a guide. (This is only a guide, and even if it exceeds this, it is possible to recommend it.)
*3 If the part-time job where the student, etc. works is eligible for support such as employment adjustment subsidies and leave allowance is paid by the employer,
Such allowance is regarded as part-time job income.
*4 Based on the month after January 2020 when the income of part-time jobs of students and others decreased significantly.

Reference: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website Emergency benefits for students to continue their studies

〇 How to apply
Please inform the Student Support Section of the Student Affairs Division that you would like to apply by Wednesday, February 9, 2022.
After confirmation, we will give you the necessary documents for your application.
〇 Precautions
・ Since the number of people who can be recommended is fixed, it may not be possible to hire depending on the number of people even if you meet the requirements.
・Students who applied last time and were not eligible for the scholarship may apply again.
・ If the application is false, you will be asked to refund the benefit.

Student Support Section, Student Affairs Division
mail:gakusei☆toyota-ct.ac.jp (convert “☆” to “@” and send an email)