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School Attendance Support Fund

  1. School Attendance Support Fund
School Attendance Support System
This is a system to create a society where all willing high school students can devote themselves to their studies with peace of mind.

High School Enrollment Support System (for 1st ~ 3rd grade students)

This is a system in which the government pays school attendance support money to schools to support tuition fees for households with an income determination standard (annual income of about 9.1 million yen). In principle, the payment period is 36 months. In addition, there is an additional payment system according to the income of the guardian (custodian of the student).

Taxable base amount of municipal inhabitant tax×6% – amount of adjustment deduction for municipal inhabitant tax
(Total amount of guardians, etc.)
Amount of school attendance support grant Tuition fee
304,200 yen or more 0 Yen per month (not paid) 19,550 yen/month
154,500 yen or more ~ less than 304,200 yen 9,900 yen/month (flat rate only) 9,650 yen/month
0 yen (tax exempt) ~ less than 154,500 yen ¥19,550/month (additional ¥9,650) 0 yen per month

Documents necessary for procedures are distributed to students enrolled in the regular course in April, and to current students around June every year. Please follow the procedure. In addition, if there is a leave of absence, return to school, or change of guardian, please consult with the Student Support Section.

* In the event of a sudden change in household finances due to the loss of a guardian’s job or bankruptcy, you may be able to apply for the “Sudden Change in Household Finance Support System”. For details, please refer to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website, and if you wish to apply, please consult with the Student Support Section.