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Transfer Student Recruitment Information

  1. Transfer Student Recruitment Information
Applicants for 4th year transfer
It is on the page for high school graduates

Transfer Admission Policy (Student Acceptance Policy)

In order to train practical engineers who can respond to the demands of society, our school has established the following admission policy in order to accept students who have excellent knowledge and skills, have the ability to think and make decisions, and have the independence to collaborate with diverse people with excellent expressive skills.

What kind of students are we looking for?

  1. Those who have completed a curriculum such as general education or specialized education up to the third year of our school and have the same ability as those who have completed it.
  2. Those who understand the educational goals of our school and have the will to work hard towards them after enrollment


Basic Policy for Admissions

Based on the educational philosophy of our school, prospective students are selected using a multifaceted evaluation method in order to develop human resources in line with educational goals.

A general entrance examination will be held for all students who are eligible to take the university entrance examination.

First, we will evaluate whether you have the basic and general skills necessary for learning at our school by means of a survey document. In addition, in order to determine whether the student has the ability to fully understand general education and specialized education up to the third year of our school, the academic ability of Japanese, mathematics, and specialized subjects (or physics) is evaluated by written examination. English proficiency is assessed by TOEIC score or English proficiency level. In addition, we will evaluate whether you have a clear reason for applying and motivation after enrollment through an interview.

Reiwa 6 Admissions Selection Schedule

Application period: Tuesday, July 18, Reiwa ~ Thursday, July 20, 5 (must be postmarked)
Test date: Tuesday, August 22, Reiwa
Announcement of successful applicants: Friday, September 1, Reiwa 5
Deadline for submission of admission commitment: Friday, September 29, Reiwa 5

Precautions when applying

Application guidelines (booklets) will not be distributed, so please download and print the following file (PDF) when applying, fill in the necessary items, and submit it.
We apologize for this inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.


Please click here for temporary measures for exemption from examination fees due to natural disasters, etc.

Distribution of past questions

If there is a request for past scholastic ability test questions, the past three years’ worth of academic ability test questions will be distributed. However, courses for which there are no examinees in the relevant year are not announced.
If you wish to have past questions mailed, please fill in the zip code, address, and name of the person making the request (or the name of the school in the case of a school), enclose a square No. 2 return envelope with a stamp worth 310 yen, and send the request to the address below.
* When requesting past questions, please be sure to add the name of the department you wish to have, as well as a phone number that is easy to contact.
It is also possible to come directly to our school and hand it over. If you wish, please contact us in advance.

Aichi-ken Toyota-shi Sakaeocho 2-1
Toyota National College of Technology
Academic Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division

Application status, etc.

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