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Employment Information for the Department of Information Engineering

  1. Employment Information for the Department of Information Engineering
Employment Information
Job performance and employment information

Job Achievements

Heisei 30 graduate Heisei 31 graduate Graduated in Reiwa 2nd year Graduated in Reiwa 3rd year Graduated in Reiwa 4 years
Number of job applicants (A) 24(6) 20(7) 27(8) 15(5) 25(2)
Number of job openings (B) 567 570 545 494 521
Job openings-to-applicants ratio (B/A) 23.6 28.5 20.2 32.9 20.8

( ) is the number of girls in


Employment of Reiwa 4th year graduates

Suntory Products, Nitoms, Murata Machinery, Canon Medical Systems, Canon, Konica Minolta Japan, Totec Amenity, Brother Industries, AteC, Denso, FIXER[2名], Toyota Systems[2名], Members[2名], Wantedly, EXEO Group, Fuller, NHK Technologies, BeNext Solutions, Money Forward, Kyocera Communication System, Toho Gas Information System, PERSOL Cross Technology

Total 25 (43 graduates)

Employment of Reiwa 3rd year graduates

Suntory Spirits, Konica Minolta Japan, Mechanical Design, Meiwa e-Tech, Denso Create, LIXIL, NTT Com Engineering, FIXER, PLAY, NTT Data, Genie, teamLab Engineering, Money Forward, Central Japan Railway Company

Total 14 (37 graduates)

Employment for Reiwa 2nd year graduates

Murata Machinery, Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations, Brother Industries, Ltd., Denso, Toyota Motor Corporation, Aisin Software, NTT Com Engineering, NTT Field Techno, Signpost, CTC Technology, Chubu Telecommunications, Toho Gas Information Systems, Toyota Systems, Japan IBM Technical Solutions, Papillon, freee, Members, Denso Create, BeNext Solutions, Central Japan Railway Company, Mitsubishi Electric Engineering, Toyota Production Engineering, WA

Total 27 (41 graduates)

Employment of Heisei 31 graduates

Suntory Spirits, JTEKT, NSD, Panasonic Connected Solutions Company, Suzuki, Hitachi High-System 21, BeNext Solutions, Denso Create, Toyota Systems, ISA Plan, Himax, Omron Software, Toyota Technical Development, DPT, Virtualex Consulting, Yahoo, Ateam

Total 20 (40 graduates)

Employment of Heisei 30 graduates

Suntory Products Co., Ltd., Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation, Canon Medical Systems Corporation, Denso Create Corporation, Aisin Seiki Corporation, Bosch Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation[2名], Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Meiwa e-Tech Co., Ltd., Yamato System Development Co., Ltd., Agent Co., Ltd., Mint Wave Co., Ltd. , Aisin Comcruise Co., Ltd., KSF Co., Ltd., Azil Lab Co., Ltd., Toho Gas Information System Co., Ltd., Ivis Co., Ltd., Fenrir Co., Ltd., Hitachi Industrial Control Solutions Co., Ltd., Aquaring Co., Ltd., Tecross Co., Ltd.[2名], Aichi Prefectural Government

Total 24 (38 graduates)