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Welfare Facilities

Welfare facilities iCafeteriaj

The welfare facilities (Cafeteria), which the student and the staff can use, opened in the center of the campus in January, 2000.

The first floor comprises a boarder dining room (329 seats). On the second floor is there a general dining room (120 seats). It is used as a place of recreation and relaxation.

Welfare Hall

This two-storied hal1 (792‡u)was built in April 1981 to offer various welfare facilities.

The first floor comprises the student affairs section, the health guidance office and the counseling room.  On the second floor are a small shop, a meeting room, a Japanese room and clubrooms.

Training Lodge

The two-storied training lodge (196‡u) was built in March 1979 to offer temporary residential facilities to students when they have intensive training before various sports competitions.  The first floor comprises the student council room and a practice room for the light music club.

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