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Overseas Students

Enrollment for Overseas Students

Overseas students who receive scholarships from the Japanese Government and students sent by the Malaysian Government are admitted to the third year of the Colleges of Technology across Japan. The Colleges of Technology provide three years of consistent technical education for overseas students. After graduation, most of them transfer to the third year of Japanese universities or go on to the Advanced Engineering Courses, where they get a Bachelor’s Degree. Some become qualified and proficient engineers in their home countries. Others get employed and work in Japan.?
@As of April 4nd 2016, Toyota National College of Technology (Toyota Kosen) accepts 13 overseas students; Malaysia (8), Mongolia (2) and Cambodia (3). They enjoy dormitory life with Japanese students as well as schoolwork.@They give you a message from Toyota.


Come on, Join us !

Welcoming Party



Hello everyone. My name is Ronald Brian A/L John Cantius and I come from Malaysia. It has been 2 months here in Toyota Kosen. To be honest, life was hard in the beginning. I had trouble in speaking, reading and writing Japanese. But thanks to my kind and helpful teachers, tutor, seniors and also my friends. They gave me courage and helped me to overcome these obstacles and challenges. As time goes by, I begin to get used to Kosen's life; both the dormitory life and the lectures. Here in Japan, the thing that amazed me the most is the Japanese culture. Japanese culture differs a lot compared to Malaysia's culture. I learned a lot of things by mingling around with my Japanese friends and seniors, especially the do's and don'ts. As for me, Toyota Kosen is situated in a strategical place. It only takes about 15 minutes by bicycle to get to the heart of Toyota City. And there are many convenience stores, book shops and restaurants nearby Toyota Kosen. After 2 months in Japan, I think that I am slowly adapting myself to the new environment. It took some time for me to merge myself with this new surroundings. I am very grateful to get this opportunity to pursue my studies in a place like Toyota Kosen. For those who are planning to pursue your dreams here in Toyota Kosen, do come and join us and never miss this chance.



Hi, I am Nur Atikah Binti Mazlan and I came from Malaysia. I am a third year student of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. I arrived here on the 4th of April 2016, greeted by the beautiful cherry blossoms in full. Before I came here, I was very worried about lots of questions, like how my dormitory will be, my classmates and the most important is what I’m going to eat when I’m there. But everything turned out well, and the dormitory is really great and comfortable for self-study. I am also very satisfied with all the facilities offered here.
Since my Japanese is weak, I don’t really have the courage to talk in class and can’t really understand what’s going on in class. But my tutor and other classmates are really kind and helpful. My teachers are also caring and concerned about my studies here including my daily life.
As a Muslim, there’s no problem living here and obtaining halal food. I have also tried many types of Japanese food and use Japanese ingredients. I have learnt to be my own chef.
Last but not least, I am glad that I came here. Thanks to everyone especially my seniors who help us a lot in adjusting to life here. Through all the sadness and difficulties I have been through, I have confidence that in my future, there will be much happiness and lots of experience to be gained.
Thank you.



Hello, everyone. I am Syahirah from Malaysia, 3rd year student of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It had been two months since I arrived in Japan. Everything seems new to me, from its culture to lifestyle. At first, there were a lot of difficulties for me to adapt with the lifestyle and ways of study in Japan. But with many helps and guidance from my tutor, Miku and my seniors, now I can overcome all of the obstacles. I would like to express my gratitude to my lecturers because they willingly help me whenever I had problems and make sure that I understand each subject that had been taught. Studying in Japan right now give me a lot of experiences as I need to live in dormitories with Japanese and it is really necessary as I need to cope and interact with them. That is how I learn on how to communicate and be friended with them. In addition, my classmates always help me in my education. It is hard for me for the first time to learn in a new environment which is fully taught in Japanese, but with my friends' help I kind of get used to it. They also give me the best treat that I have ever received. They welcomed me and never treat me like an outsider. They also encourage me in my study and not just being nice to me. As a Muslim I must pray. Here in Japan my lecturers help me a lot in providing a place for me to pray because they know my priority as a Muslim. Other than that, the location of Toyota Kosen itself is strategic as I can access to many places easily because of the facility of public transport such as trains and buses. Therefore, I think that Toyota Kosen is just a perfect place to further your study.

LY SOK HENG (Cambodia) 3A

LY SOK HENG (Cambodia) 3A

Hello everyone!
I am LY Sok Heng. Born and raised in Cambodia, I would like to introduce myself as Alex, a nickname which I prefer being called here. I am currently a third year student in National Institute of Technology, Toyota College, majoring in Architectural Design and Planning. Here, it would be my pleasure to share about my first impression, college life as a fresh student in this college.
March 25th, 2016 was the day I first entered the periphery of this college. As soon as I arrived here, I was welcomed by teachers and seniors with warmth and honor. They were the ones who guided me with utmost efforts through the first and second week here of the things I must do. In addition to that, I was introduced to my generous and reliable tutor. I noticed that he was younger than I, in fact it would have been a mess during my first period of residence without his help. Everyone here is kind, helpful and friendly.
I am currently staying on campus, a double room with my tutor, and school is just five-minute-walk away. At first, I had no confidence on my Japanese communication skill, but I have to make friends. My tutor pays extreme efforts on introducing me to his friends, as well as classmates. I am enthusiastically accepted not as an outsider but as a friend. Furthermore, I am made allowances for my difficulties in Japanese during class and tests, such as being allowed to use electronic dictionaries and lessons being explained thoroughly and slowly in order for me to apprehend. College life is not as difficult as what I had been thinking in Tokyo, but rather interesting and exciting. I get to learn many new things and obtain many experiences. Everything here provides me the incentive to study hard and never give up. With these, I feel satisfied with the college where I belong.
My future aim is to become an outstanding architect. Hence, I must insist myself to study hard and pile up experiences and wisdom which bridges me towards my goal. I believe that innovation is what makes our society advance. I encourage myself to try something new and express it to everyone, by keeping in mind that, “We don’t know whether it’s better if we don’t try. Failure is not a shame but a lesson for us to modify.” Be smart and innovative! Unknowns exist waiting for you to discover. The future of this society needs us to become better.



Hello everyone, my name is Serchin (Serchinnyamgyal). I am from Mongolia, 3rd year student of Architecture Department. It has been 2 months full of new things in my life since I enrolled in my college. At first, I was worried about communicating with Japanese people. Fortunately, there are many kind Japanese people and my tutor who are helping me get used to. Even my college life is busy, I tried Judo club and participated in ball game competition. It was very enjoyable. Toyota college is fulfilled with its study environment. Also Toyota city is urbanized. I am fully satisfied with my college life. During the next 3 years, I hope I can make many friends and broaden my knowledge skillfully.


Santirraprahkash Selvamani@ (MALAYSIA) 4M

@Hello everyone, my name is Santirraprahkash Selvamani and I’m from Malaysia. It’s been a month since I enrolled in Toyota Kosen and simply to say, life’s been good so far. Well to be honest, I had gone through some hard times during the first two weeks. I couldn’t catch up with studies and I rarely had time to revise due to busy schedule that I was going through. Well the good part is that I have an awesome tutor ( Hoshiya Eisuke) that will always help me out with all the struggles that I’m going through. Furthermore, the professors have been kind and helpful all the time. After a month in Japan, I feel like I have settled down and life’s been good ever since. Other than that, Toyota Kosen has also a plethora of new facilities such as high-tech laboratories, a center to create and innovate stuffs and not to forget the sports center and gym that can be accessed daily. Moreover you don’t have to worry about transportation problems at all. Toyota Kosen is located in Toyota city itself and going to the nearest train station, supermarket, mall or even bookshop will cost you merely 5-10 minutes. Last but not least, I would like to say that after a month in Japan, I feel like I have settled down and life’s been good ever since, so to anyone who has dreams to pursue their studies in here, don’t hesitate, join us to experience a new and unique college lifestyle.

Hi and nice to meet you

Muhammad Rushdan Bin Husmady (Malaysia) 4I

@Hi and nice to meet you, my name is Muhammad Rushdan Bin Husmady. I came from Kelantan, Malaysia. I’m studying in computer engineering department. My first time arrived here I was already in 3rd year. The time of my arrival to Japan was 2/4/2015. I can’t forget my first time I came here. The look on friends face when we first arrived here. The determination is shown in their eyes, and it has been a month for me and my friends furthering our study in this land of rising sun. And yet the fire has not faded away when I met them a few days ago. Thus also affected me to learn Japanese is yet another obstacle to be overcome. The first things that surprise me at Japan were the culture itself. For example, keeping their promises and never late to the promises time, keeping the place clean, and their kindness toward others. This kind of thing is seldom seen in Malaysia, but in every country there is always their good characteristic. The other things that gave a shock to me were the speed of bullet train and their time management. Even though it accelerates at high speed it can still maintain its smoothness in the carriage. Thus giving comfort to the passengers. Special thanks to sensei, my tutor and senior for helping me when I’m first arrived here. Now, slowly I have been able to adapt in staying in Japan.


Maheshan Sundaram@ (Malaysia) 4C

@Hello, everyone! Hope who are reading this are in pink of health. My name is Maheshan Sundaram. I`m coming from Kedah which is located in the Peninsular of Malaysia. In a nick of time, it has been a month since I arrived here and somehow I managed to get used to the dormitory life as well as the studies. To be frank, all the lecturers and students are very kind to me and I was astonished with the way they talk with me which makes me feel home. Apart from that, the dorm which is provided for students is occupied with great facilities. I’m sure that the students who have interest to pursue studies at Toyota Kosen will find it so convenient as the facilities provided here will sure mesmerize them. Intrinsically, in the aspect of study, as a foreign students, some people may find it very difficult to study here as all the subjects here are in Japanese Language. But, if you just follow the flow of the educational process here you will get used to it as the lecturers are very skillful in conducting the class. Studies aside, you can also experience a whole new world when you travel around Japan as the geographic atmosphere here will leave you speechless. In a nutshell, you are always welcome to pursue studies at Toyota Kosen and make sure that it will always be your number one choice.

From Bileguutee


@Hello, I'm Bileguutee, 3rd year student of Architecture Department.
From this year I study in Toyota College about 3 years, which means I have 36 months till graduation. But the time is a relative thing and depending on what to compare, it makes us feel slow or fast. I thought that if I spend all this 3 years as a normal student, it would just pass like running out of hourglass.
To me, last month was full of new experiencing month and my daily life was so busy. But even it was so busy, I tried to attend volleyball club of the college because of my interest. Also I am taking a bath in Ofuro with other students, and that was actually a new experience of Japanese culture. Japanese students are so attractive because they are very energetic and friendly with each other. Specially my classmates, I feel so happy when they’re communicating and having fun. The teachers and staffs are very kind; they always tend to help us. Finally my tutor Kenta, he helps and teaches me a lot of things such as kanji, Japanese food etc., also we are roommates. Maybe living with my tutor can be a good idea, which would allow me to experience Japanese student life more detailed. Toyota College is situated in convenient place where the surroundings are road of Sakura, beautiful garden and houses. That was great news to me who like photographing and walking.
As mentioned above, the time is running. Only I can decide whether I reach the goals or not. So let’s see what I will have done after 3 years.

Another Step To GO!

EA LIMSEANG (Cambodia) 4A

“Only try with our true efforts would the real success come about.”
Hello everyone!
With my great pleasure, I am glad to introduce myself as a new student in National Institute of Technology, Toyota College to everyone here. My name is EA Limseang. I am from Cambodia. I am now studying in the 3rd year, majoring in Architectural Design and Planning.
At the very first day of coming here, I received an honorable and warm welcome from teachers, went and took me from the train station to the college. When I first arrived here, I was fascinated by the breathtakingly beautiful environment of the college and was then thinking that this would be a great place to study for my college life.
At the time I first attended the class, it was really amazing that teachers and everyone in class were very friendly and they welcomed me enthusiastically. Till now, all class sessions are so interesting, with lecturers who are energetically teaching with their great efforts.
Having been learning Japanese in just a short period of time, I have to attend class with Japanese students. Therefore, it comes as no surprise for me as a foreign student whose first language is not Japanese that I sometimes face the language-barrier problem. I have been a bit struggling with Japanese language and I could not catch the lessons well, sometimes. However, just this kind of trouble could not stop me from what I have tried to achieve so far. What I have to do is to try my best to catch the lessons.
Fortunately, all the teachers here are, on the one hand, extremely kind-hearted and, on the other hand, are very eager to explain to any students who go and ask them any questions. In addition, all classmates are so kind and they are happily teach me Japanese when I ask them. Furthermore, there is a Japanese tutor for me; in case I have any questions I could ask him at any time. That is nothing if not great to have such a generous tutor.
Besides what I could learn in class, there are many things that I could learn from life in dormitory. In here, there are many tasks to do, rules to follow, activities to participate, and so on, together with other students. This, for me, is a part of great experiences in social life, and without which, we would not really be able to find those in class.
Overall, never before had I experienced such an extraordinaire life as life in here. It has been a long journey before becoming a scholarship student in Japan. So, it is a precisely wonderful opportunity to have a chance to study here.


Muhammad Anas Fahmi bin Muhammad Zulkifli (Malaysia) @5M

@Hello! I’m Muhammad Anas Fahmi bin Muhammad Zulkifli from Malaysia, fourth year student of Mechanical Engineering Department. Since I arrived here on 4th April 2014, one year had passed greatly. One month is too short and of course I don’t have a lot of experience yet here. But for sure, as my first impression, Toyota National College of Technology is a wonderful place. So far, I am satisfied with all the facilities, either dormitory facilities or education facilities. In aspect of dormitory life, I have gotten a nice room which is entirely comfortable for self-study and rest, while in aspect of education life, teachers and students here are very kind and helpful to lend me hand for any part of problem I faced. To be only a Muslim here, I don’t feel awkward because teachers and friends, especially my tutor, Sugiura Keiichi, has been very understanding and give a lot of support. Furthermore, Toyota Kosen is a strategic place, where you can go to buy necessary things such as foods, clothes and equipment in just a moment. Briefly, everything is almost complete and I enjoy pursuing study here. I’m grateful that I had chosen a right place to study, explore and create as much fantastic experience as I can.

My School Life

PHEUN Minea (Cambodia) 5C

@Hi, everyone. My name is PHEUN Minea. I came from Cambodia. I am fourth year student of Civil Engineering Department. This year I study at Toyota National College of Technology. I began my new life here such as new teachers, new friends, new classmates and new dormitory. At the first time here, I was worried about my communication with the other people.
During studying times, I think sometimes I bother my tutor and classmates when I have problems with the lessons. They always explain and show me about the problems, so I am able to understand lessons much easier. The teachers, my tutor and classmates are very friendly and kind. They always help me when I have problems. Moreover, they always show me about Japanese culture.
School life is the most interesting in one’s entire life. I have to follow rules in school and rules in dormitory. I am a student and as such have some duties and responsibilities. I have to learn something and to read and write a lot. I have to please my teachers by my conduct and behavior. I have to work hard to pass examinations. If I do my duty diligently there is nothing to be afraid of. I feel very proud of myself when I know that my parents and teachers take care of me.

A New Chapter of My Life in Toyota Kosen


@Konichiwa, everyone. I am Lim (Rimu in Japanese) from Malaysia, 4th year student of Civil and Environmental Engineering. In the blink of eye, my first year at Toyota Kosen has passed. One year ago, we, as new comers, were warmly welcomed by the principal, lecturers, staffs, students and, of course, the fully blooming sakura (cherry blossoms) all around the compound of school. Their enthusiasm makes me feel that it is a place full of youthful vitality.
Honestly, everything started hardly in the beginning. For example, I faced problems in studies in the first few days. I was not able to catch up what lecturers were actually teaching about even how hard I had concentrated in class. However, my lecturers always encourage me to find them individually and they are patient enough to explain again to me. Also, I would like to thank my tutor, Yoshida and seniors who have guide me a lot in my campus life. Same goes to my classmates who have helped me a lot in studies too. I appreciate their help sincerely.
Besides, our dormitory life is just awesome. Living in dorm lets me interact with the Japanese and the other foreign students better. The mutual exchanges of ideas and cultural experiences within us will definitely make my dorm life an invaluable experience. For me, living in dorm is fun and it is a learning experience.
Nevertheless, Toyota city is a good place to live in too. It is not just a city of producing cars but also has its own tourist attractions. We can actually spend our leisure time in shopping or picnic in many breathtaking natural parks.
So, I am satisfied as a student here. How about you? Don't hesitate anymore! Come and join us. I am sure you will discover many valuable things here.

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