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A Complete view of dormitories

The School Dormitory basically allows the freshmen who are interested in entering the dorm. The students in the 2nd grade or higher who pass through a selection process are also allowed to enter.

The dormitory life is supported by the teachers and clerks in charge of the dorm and the on day-and-night-duty staff. There are kitchens, an assembly room, or a study room in the dorm. The students make their growing years more fruitful not only through their own way of enjoying the dormitory life but through self-governing activities of the Dormitory Student Union (DSU).

A regular dormitory life is well sustained by the effort and the cooperation of the following committees under the auspices of DSU leadership: Committees of Floor Leader, Home Affairs, Welfare, Public Information, Dormitory Event, Meal, Resource Recovery, DMC(bicycles and bikes), Food Concession, Dormitory Festival, LAN, and Senior Student.

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Cafeteria The elder boarders taking care of the juniors Dormitory festival  Morning meeting

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