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English Top Page@„ Advanced Course

English Top Page

Advanced Course

Advanced Engineering Course for Bachelor's Degree

Building of advanced engineering course.

Advanced engineering courses offer university level engineering education to the college graduateds for two-years. Each course is open to working engineers, and the educational programs enable students to obtain research and development capabilities using state-of-the-art technology. Students can receive a bachelor degree in engineering from the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation.

Electronic and Mechanical Engineering Course

Electronic and mechanical experiments:Testing the performance of mini car

This course offers an integrated program of electronic and mechanical engineering based on the following key technologies:electronics technology including semiconductor, mechanical technology including heat transfer and fluid dynamics, computer and control technology. Students can obtain the skills to research and develop the mechatronics technology.

Graduation study: Study of steer-by-wire (bilateral servo control for electronic power steering)@

Civil Engineering and Architecture Course

A bending fatigue test of a reinforced concrete beam

This course offers a new construction engineering educational program of civil engineering and architecture to preserve a balanced environment on the earth. The curriculum is based on structural mechanics, environmental engineering, construction engineering and architectural planning and design with CAD systems.

Measurements and experiments of the thermal environment

Computer Science Course

Computer science experiments: System development for programming contest

This course offers a wide range of educational programs based on computer science including mathematics, biological technology, etc. Students can obtain the knowledge and techniques to research and develop the computer technology including pattern recognition, image processing, artificial intelligence, computer networks and advanced electronics technology.

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